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Growing fruit and vegetables has become one of the main challenges not only for countries and businesses but also for different households. Large greenhouses are increasingly appearing on the outskirts of cities, while small ones are being seen in more and more backyards. Setting up the facilities poses a number of challenges, such as proper air filtration, maintaining perfect temperature and humidity, frequent and good irrigation, monitoring the health of the growing fruits and/or vegetables, and protection from theft and other mishaps that require our attention. To help you deal with these and a number of other possible obstacles while growing your food, we created AI Garden.

What is AI Garden?

AI Garden is another of the many products behind the BUL-AI brand. The technology is a 2-in-1 software and controller for garden centers, such as large industrial and smaller home greenhouses. The product is suitable for growing all types of plants, both seasonal and non-seasonal. It includes a database of values we have created for different crops and stages of plant development. This makes AI Garden ideal for a variety of customers, such as large corporations producing huge amounts of food commodities and amateur gardeners. Our engineers developed the product to be compatible with all Android and iOS gadgets. That's right, you can control the unit from your preferred mobile device as well as monitor it from your TV display. Through it, you have the ability to track the sensors and control the automation responsible for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, pH, soil moisture, operating mode, ventilation, aspiration, irrigation system, artificial light, and electricity used for the respective sowing.

How to Use the Device?

Using the device is more than simple. Your first task is to place the sensors in the required locations. Their correct positioning is described in the AI Garden user manual. Next, you will need to activate your controller from the app on your mobile device. This is done via a unique key or QR code. It is important to know that each ID is only valid for one customer and cannot be distributed or used by others. The verification of the connection between the controller and the sensors happens through the software connection between them.

Constant health analyzing

Greenhouses can be susceptible to various types of pests and diseases that affect plants. The reason for these undesirable manifestations is the closed environment and the close location of the crops. In an attempt to solve these challenges, farmers often resort to using huge amounts of pesticide. However, these measures are not enough. For a harvest to reach the end user, it requires constant monitoring. This is one of the main challenges that AI Garden solves with ease. The artificial intelligence in our product is trained to recognise diseased plants and those attacked by insects at an early stage. It then sends a photo and location of the diseased or attacked fruit or vegetable to your device. This helps you prevent potential major losses and protect your crop.

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Control the Temperature in the Greenhouse

Greenhouses must provide suitable conditions for the vegetables and fruit that are growing inside throughout the year. One of the most important factors that you have to control is the appropriate temperature. Plants prefer to be grown at different degrees, and this is key to the yield that will reach the end user. This challenge is difficult as it requires constant monitoring. With AI Lights, you can track the greenhouse temperature from your mobile device.

Air Circulation Control

One of the problems with greenhouses is that they are not sealed, and unfiltered air finds its way through them. In order to have a successful and large harvest, you will need to take measures to deal with this challenge. This means that your facilities must be equipped with a device that gives you the ability to filter and sterilise the incoming and outgoing air. This is where AI Garden comes into your arsenal. Our software allows you to control ventilation and aspiration in your facilities. With this, you can be sure that your plants will grow properly.

Humidity Monitoring

In order to achieve optimum growing conditions for all types of plants, it is important for you to monitor and control the humidity in your facilities. By doing so, you prevent your crops from drying out and diseases from developing in many fruits and vegetables. You can now monitor this through the AI Garden software and maximise the amount you harvest. From your mobile device, you will receive constant information about the humidity, notifications when it drastically changes its levels, and tips on how to improve it.

CO₂ Monitoring

To make sure your plants grow healthy, it is important to monitor your carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels. Some of the reasons why this is imperative are to increase photosynthesis through increased levels of the element in the greenhouse, improve energy use in such circumstances, better control of the environmental footprint, and contribute to proper environmental sustainability. To help you achieve these results, we developed a carbon dioxide tracking system and hardcoded it into the AI Garden software. Now you are able to monitor CO₂ levels in your greenhouse and achieve optimal results during sowing.

Soil Moisture Control

Proper soil moisture is a key factor in the growth and development of your plants. It is necessary for the various processes of propagation and root expansion. Low levels slow them down, while excessive levels suffocate them and lead to disease. With the AI Garden system, you have the ability to track this factor in your greenhouse as well. This is how you are able to monitor the soil moisture, ensuring proper photosynthesis for the plants. Water has always served as a component for converting solar energy into chemical energy, and now the monitoring is on your phone.

Proper Light for Optimal Growth

Dependence on natural light is key to growing your crop. Unfortunately, sometimes this is hard to accomplish. Poor weather conditions can affect the growth of your fruit and vegetables. This is where another human invention comes in handy - the artificial light. Based on years of research carried out by our experts in partnership with a number of private companies and non-governmental organisations, we have succeeded in creating yet another innovation. With AI Garden, you get the ability to adjust the intensity and spectrum of light, as well as the daily dose of photon flux. In addition to this benefit, you are able to make sure your plants get the sunrise and sunset they deserve through your personal controller. This is accomplished by properly increasing or decreasing the artificial light when you turn the device on and off.

No Need for an Agronomist

A professional with expertise in crop production is called an agronomist. This expert has the qualifications to understand the needs of your fruits and vegetables and implement the right solutions for their cultivation. This includes everything from soil management to controlling the environment in which your crops grow. Now all that expertise fits on your phone through AI Garden. This saves you money on human resources and increases the capital you can invest in growing your greenhouse business.

Security with AI Garden

Theft from greenhouses is not a recent problem. They are committed not only by outsiders but often by employees as well. The AI Garden system has a security module based on artificial intelligence. You have the ability to turn the option on and off at your discretion. When the module is switched on, you receive a notification when a fruit is picked. Therefore, you are monitoring what is happening in your facility while you are receiving a live video feed.

Remote Monitoring

For amateur gardeners, one of the biggest challenges is monitoring their harvest. This becomes a huge problem when their greenhouse is outside their residence. Often the harvest is ahead or behind the estimated sowing days, and this leads to higher costs and lower profits. With AI Garden you have constant monitoring over your fruit and vegetables. This feature allows you to ensure that your crops grow properly and are protected from diseases, pests, and unwanted guests.

Custom Configuration

The AI Garden manual describes how to adjust the unit for specific plants such as tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and more. To make it even easier for you, you get the option to request a personalized configuration of your device. Therefore, you get specific settings for temperature, pH, carbon dioxide, light regime, and other features in your greenhouse, tuned to your chosen fruit or vegetable. Ready-made settings from the AI Garden team help you optimize the growth process of your crop. Don't delay, get the latest equipment to grow plants properly!

A perfect start for your business

AI Garden also has a perfect solution for people who are living in big cities or apartments while pursuing a career in entrepreneurship. We are introducing AI L-Hydroponics, our hydroponics system that takes up а room in your apartment. In exchange, this product saves you a lot of money in the long run and it gives you the opportunity to start your own business. It is perfectly designed to work with our AI Garden software and has all of the functionalities listed above.

The AI L-Hydroponics makes you self-sufficient. That way, you can produce your own healthy food in your apartment without the need for a farm, garden, or even greenhouse. The hydroponics system saves you thousands of dollars each year. This is also the perfect start for your small business. Currently, this product is available only for the Bulgarian market and can be installed only by us.

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